Formula Sheet for Physics

Formula Sheet for Physics In this section you will get Formula Sheet for Physics very useful for all competitive exams and helps you explore and gain deep understanding of Physics. You can download free pdf formula sheet for Physics.New Updated Link Download Formula Sheet for […]

Logarithm Rules and Examples

Logarithm Rules and Examples Logarithm Rules and Examples Logarithm Rules and Examples an Overview  In this article, you will get complete detail and examples of various Logarithm Rules and Exponent Rules and relation between log and exponent. It is essential to grasp the relation between […]

Formula Sheet for Chemistry

Formula Booklet and Formula Sheet for Chemistry Here we are uploading Formula sheet for chemistry  in pdf format, which contains following topics and chapters this formula booklet for chemistry is very useful for  11th, 12th CBSE, ICSE, SAT,  IIT JEE Mains and Advanced, KVPY, Senior […]

Characteristics of Monera

Characteristics of Monera Monera (Monos – single) includes prokaryotes and shows the following characters : (1) They are typically unicellular organisms (but one group is mycelial). (2) The genetic material is naked circular DNA, not enclose by nuclear envelope. (3) Ribosomes and simple chromatophores are […]