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Studypivot provides study materials, notes, and books for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics in pdf format which contains Topic-wise Theory and Formulas, Examples with explanations, Practice Problems and worksheets with detailed Solutions, DPP and Test Series, Vedic Mathematics tips and tricks in pdf format and free to download.
Studypivot offers well researched notes, lectures and corresponding worksheets to enhance the mathematics and science learning experience, improve success and aid students and teachers regardless of their teaching ability or science or mathematics knowledge.
These study notes are beneficial for all students around the world ( US, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, India, China, etc.) who want to learn problem-solving techniques (Basic to Advance) in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

We also provide free Test series and Practice papers for various exams like jee mains paper, jee advanced paper, BITS, NEET, AIIMS, SAT, IGCSE, CBSE and any other competitive exam in pdf format for free download. Help others and share the knowledge.


For an aspirant, it takes much effort to get into an IIT or AIIMS, the most prestigious centres of excellence in the world. India is a land with widespread economic disparity, and for a successful candidate, only intelligence and hard work are not the only necessary means to do well in the IIT JEE or AIIMS. It means access to proper guidance and study materials also play a crucial role. IIT JEE Mains and Advanced, SAT, NEET and AIIMS exams require Hard work, Intelligence, Practice, Discipline and Time Management. Apart from this students needs proper guidance and Study Material.

Although it is up to the students to do hard work and practice, we can help all the aspirants by providing free study material, Books, Formula sheets, Theory sheets, Practice Problems and worksheets with detailed solutions and examples for physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology up to 12th grade. We all know that by sharing knowledge and books we can enlighten and educate every one towards a brighter future, and we are just making some efforts for students so that there is no lack of study materials, notes, Practice problems, worksheets, DPP, books and Test papers and above all everything is absolutely free.