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41 Previous Years IIT-JEE Physics | IIT-JEE | AIEEE | JEE Main | Chapterwise

41 Years IIT-JEE Previous Years Physics | IIT-JEE | AIEEE | JEE Main | Chapter-wise Solution

41 Years IIT-JEE Previous Years Physics | IIT-JEE | AIEEE | JEE Main | Chapterwise with Solution

41 Years IIT JEE Advanced and 17 yrs AIEEE & JEE Main in Physics pdf Topic-Wise Solved Paper Physics is the best book right now. It contains IIT-JEE question papers last 41 years and you can download pdf for free.

The Main highlight of this Physics book is that, it contains all previous years JEE main, AIEEE and IIT-JEE, JEE Advanced questions in topic wise manner and with complete solutions. All the solutions are appropriate and up to the mark. Although students are not advised to look for solutions but it will be helpful if they stuck.

Topics in 41 Previous Years IIT JEE Physics 

  1. Units and Measurements 
  2. Motion in one dimension and two dimensions
  3. Laws of Motion 
  4. Work, Energy and Power 
  5. Momentum and Impulse 
  6. Rotational Motion 
  7. Gravitation 
  8. Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluids 
  9. Heat & Thermodynamics and Gases 
  10. Simple Harmonic Motion (Oscillations) 
  11. Waves 
  12. Electrostatics 
  13. Current Electricity 
  14. Moving Charges and Magnetism 
  15. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current 
  16. Ray and Wave Optics 
  17. Modern Physics
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