Mock Tests for JEE Mains 2019

Mock Tests and Sample Papers for JEE Mains with detailed Solutions

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Table of Contents

  • JEE Mains 2019 student’s knowledge base
  • Best strategy of Mock Tests for JEE Mains 2019
  • Preparation Tips and Strategy for JEE Main 2019 
  • How to Analyze your capability
  • Strategy for students which are well prepared for JEE
  • Strategy for students which are not well prepared for JEE
  • Important topics to focus
  • Download formula booklets for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • General Tips for IIT JEE preparation 
  • Download 10 Mock Tests sample papers for JEE Mains 2019

JEE Mains 2019 Student’s knowledge base

JEE Main 2019 is scheduled to be conducted from 6th January to 20th January, 2019. With the release of the exam dates and new changes introduced in JEE Main 2019, candidates are required to make various preparation strategies to get qualified in the entrance exam. JEE Main is a national level entrance exam organized every year to offer admission into various engineering courses. As per the new changes introduced by the HRD Ministry, JEE Main from year 2019 will be conducted two times in a year by NTA. Candidates successfully qualifying the entrance test will be able to take admission in the B.Tech, B.E, B.Plan and B.Arch programs in various institutions like IITs, NITs and CFTIs. To qualify the entrance test of JEE Main 2019 and get admission into various prestigious engineering institutions.

Best Strategy of Mock Tests for JEE Mains 2019

Well, as we know we have very little time left to target JEE Main 2019 in January, there are nearly 80 days left for your JEE Main 2019 January exam. So how to utilize these days to get maximum output?

There are different types of students and different preparation levels for every student, I will try to cover some strategies for different level of students to help them achieve the maximum output in their JEE Main 2019 exam for January.

Note: Here I am hoping that every student has finished his/her syllabus completely (11th and 12th Both) but maximum number of students has not properly revised their 11th Class syllabus so I will also consider that.

Revise your 11th Class syllabus within 30 days especially those topics which are important and you feel comfortable with them, and if something left then don’t bother. Along with this solve two JEE Main mock tests in one week.

After 11th Class revision Revise 12th Class syllabus for 20 days (Only those topics which you are unable to do properly in the mock tests while you were revising 11th Class). Along with this solve three mock JEE Main tests in one week.

This method of preparation is different from what you generally adopt. In general, maximum students revise some chapters and work on them and then go for 2-3 mock tests, but here my argument is that you initially go for mock tests and from there you will know which particular topic do you remember or not and then revise those topics one by one but be regular on mock tests 2 mock tests in one week, this will definitely improve your score a lot in JEE Main 2019 exam.

Whatever is the level of your preparation you have, last 30 days before exams is for mock tests, so solve at least two previous year papers (JEE Main offline/ Online/ JEE Advanced/ Mock Tests) daily with in time and check your marks. By doing this you will easily analyze your weak topics and strong topics. Apart from this solve mock tests from other resources like magazines, online, institute tests etc.

How to Analyze your Capability

Suppose you are getting 80 – 90% marks in your coaching tests (JEE Main Format) regularly, then consider that you can get nearly 60 – 70% marks in JEE Main exam. This is only for reference and I am not saying that this is always true, but this is the general criteria to analyze yourself. This method is the most important way to truly access yourself, you have already prepared yourself now the remaining time is to brush up the things and improve your score in JEE Mains.

Strategies for those who are well prepared 11th and 12th Class syllabus

Such students are very passionate about their goals so to brush up your preparation you must focus on mock tests a lot and look for your week topics and clarify them properly. Solve at least one previous year paper (JEE Main offline/ Online/ JEE Advanced) with in time and check your marks. By doing this you will easily analyze your weak topics and nail it down. Apart from this solve mock tests from other resources like magazines, online, institute tests etc.

If you have problems in solving certain topics then initially revise those topics then consult your teacher and rectify your doubts.

Special Advice: Don’t try to complicate questions by thinking otherwise, because JEE do not ask any complicated or advanced concepts to crack any question, so just stick to the basics and do whatever you are doing.

Some Important topics to focus

Physics: Students make the mistake of trying out the questions that are commonly asked every year in JEE Advanced. You should avoid making that mistake. Of course, you need to devote more time to Mechanics, Electromagnetism and numerical problems because they cover 65% of the questions asked in Physics. 65% of the questions you get will be from mechanics combined with Electromagnetism.

Chemistry: It is the most scoring subject in JEE. you can devote time for the practice of Physical Chemistry as it is one of the most scoring topics. Organic Chemistry also gets more weightage, approximately 40% of the questions. So, spend some extra time on the topic.

Mathematics: If you are focused towards IIT JEE preparation, this subject should be practiced daily and without a miss. Try out all the common and complicated questions. Topics like Vectors and 3-D, Calculus, Co-ordinate geometry, Complex Numbers and Permutation Combination with Probability should be paid more attention. Try to make every topic as easy as a cake walk so that every question that you need to attempt during the entrance is on your fingertips.

Maintain Short Notes: For making your revision easier and hassle free, you should make short notes while revision and you can also download formula booklets from the following links.

Download Formula Books for Quick Revision

General Tips for IIT JEE Main or Advanced Preparation

Don’t deviate from your routine because distraction is the cause of failure for many. You should follow a strict routine every day

Ask questions and doubts whenever you have any to the experts. You can also watch motivational videos by toppers

Eat healthy because you need tremendous energy to sustain the preparation and drink lots of water as it is a necessity

Exercise or meditate so that your body and mind are in sync and you get the desired strength from within

You can follow these tips to crack IIT JEE in 1 year and nothing can come your way from fulfilling your dream. These are the tips by experts; tried and tested. The tips have helped many in the past in getting a seat in one of the best IITs. Following these tips, you also can get admission in your dream IIT and become a reputed engineer someday.

Now cracking IIT JEE Main or Advanced is really easy for you than before. Stay focused and don’t get distracted from your routine. You will be there soon like others who had already done it.

My blessings are always with you.

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