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Generally, students get confused when selecting Best IIT JEE Preparation Material and IIT Textbooks for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, here I am suggesting the best IIT JEE preparation material and textbooks to use and finally crack your dream test of JEE Main and Advanced.

There are a lot of good IIT JEE textbooks and preparation material but if I tell you all you will get confuse to which textbooks or preparation material to follow. So here I am giving you one of the best combinations of textbooks and preparation material to follow and no need to look any other IIT textbooks.


(Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)

Initially you must grasp NCERT  textbooks properly then go for Cengage IIT Textbooks.

Cengage IIT JEE Textbooks are the best to prepare for IIT JEE Main and Advanced. For every subject there are 5-6 Textbooks and you have to solve all textbooks properly. It should be noted that you should have to devote 6–9 hours daily and regularly for self-study otherwise there is no use of these IIT JEE textbooks, one more thing you have to keep in your mind that do not go for different IIT textbooks at the same time just complete one textbook thoroughly and revise it, and after completing one textbook you can follow other IIT JEE preparation material or textbooks.

If you complete all these IIT JEE textbooks then I am sure you will definitely crack IIT JEE Advance Exam.

Cengage books are self-study guides it also covers NCERT and all concepts are thoroughly explained there is no need to go for other textbooks apart from Cengage textbooks for PCM.

Method to use IIT JEE textbooks

Grasp Concept and do all examples, then solve concept application exercise given with examples and after that solve final exercise which contains Single correct questions, Multiple correct questions, Comprehension, Matrix Match, Integer Type and JEE Previous years.
One more thing, Test is also one of the most important aspect to crack any exam, so do test yourself weekly for what you prepare.

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