Calculus for IIT JEE Main and Advanced by I. A. Maron

Calculus for IIT JEE Main and Advanced by I. A. Maron

Hello Students, today i am going to post one of the best book to prepare calculus for IIT JEE Main and Advanced. This book is extremely helpful to test your commands over calculus of one variable. And the book is “I.A Maron problems in calculus of one variable”. This book starts with a clear vision of providing the students the best information on calculus of one variable.

Calculus for IIT JEE by I.A.Maron

In fact, “I. A. Maron” is one of the best Calculus books for IIT JEE Main and Advanced, which students can find to attain expertise in Calculus.This book has each and every topic mentioned in IIT JEE syllabus.But a lot of such topics are also given which are not generally asked by jee so instead of wasting time on those topics you can practice other good questions from this book. The book was designed for students who are IIT JEE aspirants to provide them the best material in calculus. A deep concept is given with proper explanation. Along with this a lot of good illustrations are given with solution so that the students could grasp the concepts easily. A lot of solved and unsolved questions are given for practice. This book is one of the best book available in market if you really want to study calculus in depth. Proper definition are provided for better understanding of the student. Level of this book is bit hard although it is suitable to both JEE Main and Advanced. 

Calculus is considered as a main section of IIT JEE entrance exam so, it is necessary that your calculus part should be strong and if you solve this book thoroughly then your confidence will surely increase. You must try to solve this book at least once.

The book consist of the following topics- 

Introduction to mathematical analysis, real numbers, the absolute value of a real number, functions, domain of definition, investigation of functions, inverse function, graphical representation of functions, number sequence, limits of a sequence, evaluation of limits of sequence, testing sequence for convergence,  the limits of a function, calculations of limits of a function, infinitesimal and infinite functions, their definition and comparison, equivalent infinitesimal, find their limits, one sided limits, continuity of a function and discontinuity and their comparison, arithmetical functions on a continuous function, its application the properties of a function to be continuous in a closed interval, optional exercise, definition of derivatives, solutions to explicit functions, successive differentiation of explicit function called Leibniz rule. Differentiation of implicit, inverse and parametric functions, application of derivatives, derivative to approximation function.

Morever it has evaluation of intermediate form called L hospital rule, tailor’s series and their applications. Testing a function of its monotonicity, maxima and minima, finding the greatest and least integer function value, convexity and conclaxity of a function means point of inflection, asymptotes, direct integration and methods of inspection, integration by substitution integration by parts reduction methods
Integration of rational and irrational functions euler’s substitution other methods to find integration integration of binomial differention integration of trignometric and hyperbolic equations integration by substitution in hyperbolic expressions. Integral by the lebniz theorem based questions, in which you have to integrate just by putting upper value and then differentiate it and then subtract the lower limit put and its differentiation. Definite integral whose exact value can be find by the given limits we have to subtract the upper to the lower limit it has more properties and last one indefinite integration which has no fix value because there is no limits thus we add a P as a constant there.

I. A. Maron is a very good content book for IIT JEE Main and Advanced entrance, so follow it and keep practicing regularly.We advise JEE aspirants that it is enough to read and solve this book thrice a week for two hours.

If you have any query, doubt or want to suggest a book to post, then please let me know by email or comment in the comment box. I will try to resolve that issue and do my best want i can do. Till then keep practising.

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