Inequalities, Logarithms & Quadratic Equations

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Solving Inequalities, Logarithms & Quadratic Equations


Solving Inequalities, Logarithms & Quadratic Equations

Solving Inequalities, Logarithms and Quadratic Equations  are the fundamental concepts of Mathematics. In this book students will learn how to solve linear inequalities, quadratic inequalities, higher degree inequalities and logarithmic inequalities These chapters are very important because no branch of Mathematics where these concepts are not used. A sincere effort has been made to make it clear. This book is very helpful for students who aspire to join the Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT JEE) and various other engineering institutes.The book will serve as a text book as well as practice problem book for any exam for the related topics.

 This book will help students to develop a deep understanding of the topics through concise theory, Each article followed by a ladder of illustration and a short exercise to check yourself. At the end of the theory part, there are miscellaneous solved examples which involve the application of multiple concepts of this chapter. and at last level wise exercises including previous years JEE Main/Advanced problems.These chapters required full knowledge of up to 10th class Mathematics.This book consists of theoretical & practical illustrations of all the concepts involved in 
Basic math, Inequalities involving linear equations, quadratic equation, higher degree equations, Irrational inequality, 
Modulus Inequality, Greatest Integer Function & Fractional part function, AM & GM inequality & Graphical Transformation Concepts and application in Quadratic Equations, Cubic Equations, and inequations. 

Students are advised to go through all these solved examples in order to develop a better
understanding of the concepts and do check yourself exercises and at last solve unsolved level wise exercises in respective order.
I have tried to cover all possible aspects of the topic in an easy, understandable format and I am sure and confident that the collection of problems in this book will help students reinforce the fundamentals on logarithms and logarithmic inequalities, Quadratic equations and quadratic inequalities and other advanced inequalities.

Solving Inequalities, Logarithms & Quadratic Equations

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