A Das Gupta Mathematics for IIT-JEE (word file editable)

A Das Gupta Mathematics for IIT JEE (Word File Editable)

A. Das Gupta Mathematics MCQ for IIT-JEE Mains & Advanced, complete book in word file fully editable A. Dasgupta IIT JEE mathematics is best for teachers and institutes to create contents, tests, practice sheets and worksheets for students and is available for very nominal charges you can buy A Das Gupta MS Word files from the following link and download and extract the rar file.

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List of Topics in A Das Gupta Mathematics MCQ


01 Progressions, Related Inequalities

02 Equation, In-equation and Expressions 
03 Complex Numbers 
04 Permutation and Combination 
05 Determinants and Cramer’s Rule 
06 Binomial Theorem for Positive Integral 
07 Matrices 
08 Some Additional Topics


01 Trigonometrical Functions and Identities 

02 Solutions of Equations and Inequalities 
03 Inverse Circular Function 
05 Properties and Solution of Triangles 
06 Heights and Distances

Coordinate Geometry 

01 Distance Formula, Section Formula, Coordinates and Straight Lines 
02 Pair of Straight Lines 
04 Parabola 
05 Ellipse and Hyperbola


01 Functions 

03 Limits 
04 Continuity and Differentiability 
06 Maxima and Minima 
07 Monotonicity 
08 Indefinite Integrals
09 Definite Integrals
10 Properties of definite Integrals
11 Area
12 Differential Equations


01 Algebra of  Vectors
02 Product of  Vectors
03 Triple Product of  Vectors


Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimensions

01 Point
02 Straight line in 3D
03 Plane in 3D

Set Theory

Miscellaneous Questions

Practice Worksheets

IIT Questions

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Logarithm Rules and Examples

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